How To Delete Steam Account

When it comes to deleting a steam account, there is almost no particular provision for it. You need to try several methods to reach the final result. 

Steam is a computer video gaming website that lets you purchase video games after you create an account on it. It lets you download video games directly on your device. 

In case you feel like deleting the account for any particular reason, you must know that no games that have been downloaded through the website will be working anymore.

  • A steam account lets you access multiple user accounts from a single computer. However, you need to make sure that the other account is logged in only when the previous one has been logged out.
  • The flexible gaming website lets you access your account on other computers as well. You just need to remember the account details.
  • Use your steam account on a random machine and get connected to the steam network then and there. Doing this shall allow you to install the registered game to your account right after you log in.
  • The only problem with a steam account is that multiple players cannot use the same account simultaneously. The user who has been logged in first shall be allowed to use the account. The rest of the users shall get a popup containing invalid steam user ID.

Step By Step Guide To Delete A Steam Account

Step 1 – the easiest step to remove your steam account is by uninstalling the program from your laptop or personal computer. Simply exit your account by visiting the homepage of your laptop. Select the start button and choose control panel option on it. Remove your program from add and remove program option.

Step 2 – Another method to remove the steam account from your computer is by selecting the steam link and then changing it. to do so you need to choose automatic and then press on next option. Press Finish for completely uninstalling the steam account.

Step 3 – The best way to deactivate the account is by not using it for a long time. By doing so you are automatically going to cancel the request and then later on it will get automatically deleted.

You cannot officially delete the account by request. Hence, you need to visit the support pages where they clearly state that inactive accounts get deleted. It is almost impossible to delete your steam account by yourself. The best is to stop using the games so that your account is found obsolete and it gets deactivated by the company itself.

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